Public Domain is a new king of hybrid publication by ARTtitude focusing on art, culture, sport and lifestyle.
Curated by Frédéric Claquin : Independant author, publisher and producer, creator of ARTtitude and Public Domain, co-founder of Casa de Lapel.
Former publisher of Thrasher Magazine France, Gracie Magazine France and Juxtapoz art books.

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Issue #01 This very first issue is dedicated to art in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. You will meet artists who are part of the artistic revolution around Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. They all love the sport, maybe not for the same reasons but they influence it the same way Brazilian Jiu-jitsu influence them, and probably you as well ...
Featuring : Defer, Ricardo Azoury, Yome, Luke Jarvis, Mike Dytri.
This first edition is produced in limited run, all numbered.

Release Date: December 12th
Curator : Frederic CLAQUIN
Languages : English + Français
100 pages
Limited print of 500 issues numbered.
Editeur : Plan9 Entertainment / ARTtitude
ISBN: 979-10-93398-19-8
Date de sortie : 15/12/2019